Soul Retrieval

Deer TormaAn Ancient Practice of the Tibetan Bön tradition
A Three Retreat training program at Chamma Ling 

The soul is said to be composed of of the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and space as these elements pervade all of life and the essential components of our entire worldly existence. The Shamanic rites of soul retrieval (la lu) and life force retrieval (tse lu) are methods of calling on the essence of the the elements - elemental spirits- to balance and heal the individual.

It is believed that a traumatic event or other shock can cause an individual to loose connection with the elements and become dispirited. 

Life force is the presence of energetic forces within one's self. It is possible to retrieve the soul and life force through the use of mind and symbols in ritual. Through ritual and meditational practice, one can bring back the positive qualities that are missing or reinforce qualities that are weakened in oneself or others.

In this series of teaching retreats we will learn the ancient Bön methods of divination, meditation, and ritual of Soul Retrieval as Geshe Denma Gyaltsen teaches these methods in 3 separate retreats at Chamma Ling. The first retreat will be fall 2017, the second retreat spring 2018 and the third fall 2018. Stay tuned as our volunteer team is putting together all the details of this exciting opportunity.

Geshe Denma GyaltsenGeshe Denma Gyaltsen is the resident lama of Ligmincha Texas, resides in Houston, and has taught at centers throughout the United States and Europe. Born in northern Nepal, he began his studies at Menri Monastery in 1981, receiving all the teachings, initiations and transmissions in sutra, tantra and dzogchen, and was awarded the geshe degree in 1996. He taught at Menri, and then served two terms as the abbot of Zhu Rishing Yungdrung Kundak-Ling Monastery, a Bon Monastery in Sikkim, until 2003. Since that time Geshe Denma has traveled and taught throughout the West, as well as in India and Nepal. We are very pleased to welcome back Geshe-la to teach at Chamma Ling again!